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SBA Designation: Minority Woman – Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned


Leadership: Leadership Development. Training. Workshops. Executive-Leadership-Business Coach. HR Consulting. Administrative Support. Professional Services

Diversity-Equity-Inclusion:  Diversity. Gender. Sexual Harassment Awareness & prevention. Cross-cultural Competence. Human Resource & Career Development

Performance:   Systems and process efficiency. Team-Building. Continuing Education. Research. Curriculum Development, logistics and more…

It really is about you. I am here to help you to increase your leadership impact and work with your team to shape an inclusive company culture with sustainable high performance. I found that bias-free and inclusive companies are the strongest, the most powerful, and the highest revenue-generating companies in the world. My mission is to disrupt and transform leadership culture to develop leaders into inclusion-driven culture transformers. We help you Develop a Scalable Diversity and Inclusion Program in 60 Days or Less, by co-creating Leadership and Diversity strategies, and facilitating PersonalPowerShifts that move you from where you are to where you need to be to achieve your desired goals! Founder & CEO of Carmel Connections, Executive Coach & Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program Designer for companies. A leadership strategist who has educated and developed leaders for more than two decades In leadership, women’s leadership, Diversity, Inclusion, cross-cultural competence, and Spirituality. Dr. Carmela has an earned Columbia University Doctorate in Organization and Leadership, Board-Certification as Executive/Leadership/Business Coach, and Licenses in Counseling and Ordination.

Recognizing that we are body mind and spirit, coaching and mentoring take a whole-person approach to helping executive leaders and entrepreneurs powershift from where they are to where they want to be.

Dr. Carmela is an Award-winning Author, Educator, and Community Program developer, with a background in program start-ups and transfusion services. She has used developing leaders, speaking, researching, and ministry to leave her footprint in more than 14 countries internationally and more than 20 cities nationally.

Dr. Carmela is a Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, a catalyst for personal transformation, an avid sports fan, songwriter, host of the soon to be launched Podcast ‘Talk4Leaders.’ Her recent release is the award-winning Hard-Wired to Lead women’s leadership Book and Conference series, she is Editor of Tectonic Boundaries, Co-Editor of Social Capital and Women’s support Systems, and former Chair of the Women and Leadership Affinity Group, International Leadership Association.

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