When you think about thought leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, or even Oprah, it’s tempting to conclude that YOU couldn’t make very much of an impact in the world like they have.

After all, they are special. They are “big.” I couldn’t possibly do what they have done!

And while you may not be Mother Teresa or the Dalai Lama, all notable leaders in their own right, you are NEVER too “small” to make a real difference in the world.

Because the truth is, as a leader, you don’t need to be famous or lead a historic movement to have an impact. You simply need to LEAD where you are planted or positioned and serve your followers. Just do what needs doing in your corner of the world that you influence.

Too often, we talk ourselves out of taking a stand, sharing your opinion or making a contribution because we tell ourselves it won’t matter, that it is safer to be silent, or that no one will notice. Nothing could be further from the truth. Leaders impact the lives of those who follow them with their Attitude, Temperament and Mindset. Every day. In fact, ordinary people around the world make the GREATEST impact in the lives of others.

There is huge value in getting to know and develop your team, Or in taking time to listen to feedback- the insight from customers or staff on the front lines can be invaluable to the viability of your company. Volunteering in the community you do business in can be vital to community and company sustainability.

Can you think of someone you know right now who has made a real difference in your life. Are they famous? Maybe, but probably not.

When you think of ways you can make an impact as a leader, you don’t need to be ‘big’, world-famous, or have changed the course of history. You just have to believe in the value, significance and influence you have on others. And then go out and share it. For a Free Business Breakthrough call click this link: https://letsmeet.io/carmelconnectionsinc/business-breakthrough Your leadership matters!